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Douala City Tour

New In Douala? We Can Show You Around.

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Douala is the largest city in Cameroon and the economic capital and the capital of the littoral region of the country. The largest city in the whole CEMAC region made of six countries. The home of Cameron's largest ports. Douala already had settlement before the arrival of the colonial masters. During the German colonization, the city became rapidly developed as a commercial hub for the German administration.  

The fact remains that Douala is one of the places where you can have a great time. Taking you round some specific locations is marvelous. Make a stop in one of the busiest places in Douala (Akwa where things happen). Stop at Bonanjo the heart of the Economy and at round point you will interact among the busy population. 

The price for this tour is $10 per person; however, there is a minimum charge of $30.


1. In Douala

2. Make a stop at Akwa

3. Bonanjo

4. Round Point

5. Marché mboppi douala

NB: Your itinerary is completely flexible, and can be customized based on your needs.


Douala City Tour
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Difficulty Easy
Duration 3 hours
Total Distance 50km
Included in Price
Water 1 bottle per person
Not Included in Price
Extras Transportation to the meting location is not included in price