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Korup National Park

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Korup National Park is in the Southwest Region of Cameroon and extends over 1,260 km2 of mostly undisturbed primary forest. It is reputedly one of Africa‚Äôs oldest and richest rainforests in terms of floral and faunal diversity. It is the most accessible rainforest national park in Cameroon with basic lodging infrastructure and a large network of trails open to visitors. The park is a popular birdwatching destination and famous for primate viewing (including species such as the drill, Preuss's red colobus, red-eared guenon and Nigeria chimpanzee). Researchers from various disciplines have been conducting biological studies in Korup for over three decades, generating a wealth of information on rainforest ecosystems.


  1. Meeting at Kumba town
  2. Take a car 
  3. Move to the Korup Natinal Park


Korup National Park
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Meeting Location Kumba Town
Difficulty Intermediate
Total Distance 20KM
Included in Price
Water One Bottle per person
Not Included in Price
Transportation Transportation from the meeting location is included in price