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Lake Oku

Visit the most scenic crater lake in Cameroon

1 days
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Lake Oku is a crater lake on the Bamenda Plateau in the Northwest Region of Cameroon. It is located at 2,219 metres (7,280 ft) on Mount Oku, and is completely surrounded by cloud forest. The lake lies in an explosion crater formed in the last phase of the development of the Oku Massif, a large volcanic field with a diameter of approximately 100 kilometres (62 mi). Mount Oku is a stratovolcano that rises to 3,011 metres (9,879 ft) into the sky. Local people have many myths sorrounding Lake Oku. The lake is the only known habitat of the Lake Oku Clawed Frog. The Kilum-Ijim Forest is a nature reserve, set up by BirdLife International, and home to many rare species.


  1. Meet at Shisong Central Market
  2. Stop at the Honey and Paper industry
  3. Stop at the Fon of Oku Palace
  4. From Elak Market to Lake Oku*
  5. Getting back to the meeting location
*​For those who cannot trek to the lake through Kilum Mountain forest, a car can be arranged to take you to the lake.


Lake Oku
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Difficulty intermediate easy, if taking a car
Duration One day
Total Distance 50km
Included in Price
Meals Lunch and Diner
Water 1 bottle per person
Not Included in Price
Meals Break Fast
Extras Transportation to the Meeting Location is not included in price.