3 days
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Mount Cameroon

Climb Central Africa's only active volcano

3 days
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Our tracks over Mt Cameroon have indeed almost 100 years ago been used and described by germans travelers and delegates of the colonial administration. Re-exploring these tracks, which are still used by local hunter and farmers, means to open a touristy potential to the benefit of the local population.


  1. Meeting at the Tourism agency
  2. Visit to the Reunification Monument
  3. Mannspring
  4. Lava flow and crater of 1982
  5. A day at hut1
  6. A day at hut2
  7. Submit

The journey needs good preparation.


Mount Cameroon
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Difficulty Difficult. Participants should be physically ok.
Duration 4 Days
Total Distance 15km
Included in Price
Meals All meals (except breakfast on the first day and dinner on the last day)
Water 1.5 liter/person/day
Not Included in Price
Meals Breakfast on the first day and dinner on the last day
Transportation To the agency not included in price.